Customer insights boost organizations with inspiration. It functions as a compass and provides direction. Insights to understand what new products to develop, what new markets to capture and how to engage and satisfy users.


Blik Insights helps you collect, analyze and transform data into actionable insights and strategy. Actionable as they spark and inspire the organization to change. We use a 3 step approach that ensures we have all the necessary ingredients to create those insights: a thorough understanding of the business context, a broad range of research methods and the creative skill set to build impactful stories.

1. Problem Analysis

Let's make sure the business question is properly explored and defined. A deep dive into your company and market will help us understand current strategies that are in place and identify the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. We value the importance of a thorough and informative brief to ensure we are all on the same page

2. Research Design

Whether it involves desk research, online communities, social listening, or a traditional quantitative study, each design is tailored to the nature of your business problem. By working with a variety of qualified market research and marketing agencies, we can choose the most effective approach and (combination of) methods

3. Data Visualization

In close collaboration with the involved parties, Blik Insights will turn the gathered data into practical, relevant insights. We place the insights in a visually attractive and clear branded presentation using storytelling techniques that connect to your audience. We will guide you on how to engage your organisation in adopting the insights

Curious about how customer insights can add value to your business questions? We’d love to hear from you.


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