Hello Blik Insights

After having worked at both the agency and client side I discovered that marketers and researchers speak another language and have different expectations.

  • Often, researchers are carried away by their statistically approved methods and techniques while more emphasis could be placed on unravelling the context of the research question and underlying marketing problem. Providing advice based on research results can only be done when you understand which forces are at play in your client’s world.
  • Reports often consist of 50+ slides full of data tables and graphs. Too much data and too little actionable insights causing them to have limited impact.
  • At the same time, marketers need to make sure they are fed with the right insights (often from multiple research sources) at the right time. This requires a good planning and project management. When conducted on time the research results can actually build trust and confidence in strategic decision making

I believe Blik Insights can close the gap between these worlds. We ensure that our research delivers meaningful insights that form the basis for strategic decisions. We help identify which information is needed, where to find it and how to transform it into valuable customer and market insights. Starting off with a thorough understanding of the situation, followed by the selection of the most effective (combination of) research designs, coordinating the transformation of data into insights and ultimately present it tailored to the audience in a impactful manner.

Let’s inspire marketers with enlighten insights that build their confidence in decision making. And let’s make researchers proud of the immense work they’ve done in building the perfect research design. Let’s create great insights together!

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